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Христо Ботев биография на английски език по учебника Energy на стр 128 упр 1

Много моля трябва да напиша основни неща за Христо Ботев нещо като биография на английски език

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Ето превела съм го лично!Дано ти помогне.

Hristo Botev (BulgarienХристо Ботев, also transliterated as Hristo Botyov) (6 January 1848 [O.S. 25 December 1847] – 1 June [O.S.. 20 May] 1876), born Hristo Botyov Petkov , was a poet and national . Botev is widely considered by Bulgarians to be a symbolic historical figure and real national hero.Botev was born in Kalofer (some historians suggested that he was born in Karlovo and after several days was brought to Kalofer). His father, Botyo Petkov (1815–1869), was a teacher and one of the most significant figures of the late period of the towards the end of the  occupation.He had a strong influence on his son during the latter's youth.

In 1863, after completing his elementary education in Kalofer, Botev was sent by his father to a high school.While there, he was deeply impressed by the work of the liberal Russian poets of the day. He left high school in 1865 and spent the next two years teaching. 

Botev returned to Kalofer at the beginning of 1867, where he temporarily replaced his ill father as a teacher.In May, during the festivities celebrating (it was his father who first organized at the end of the school year such festivities which today correspond  national holiday on 24 May), he made a public speech against the Ottoman authorities and the wealthy Bulgarians (whom he alleged were collaborating with the Ottomans). Botev was pressed into leaving the town as a result. He initially decided he would return to Russia, but due to lack of money instead opted , at the time an asylum for many Bulgarian exiles.For some time he lived in an abandoned mill near the eventual leader of the Bulgarian insurgency, and the two of them initially became close friends.

From 1869 to 1871 Botev worked again as a teacher in keeping close relations with the Bulgarian revolutionary movement and its leaders. In June 1871 he became editor of the revolutionary emigrant newspaper "Word of the Bulgarian Emigrants" (Duma na bulgarskite emigranti), where he began publishing his early poetic works.





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